Board of Directors

When Friends of Children’s Hospital was created in 1989, the board of directors was a small group dedicated to improving Mississippi’s Children’s Hospital. Since then, the size of the board has increased but the goals have not changed. The volunteer group of directors works together to promote fundraising events and reach new donors. New board members are elected each September.

Friends of Children’s Hospital Board of Directors:

  • Bob Abney, MD
  • Kristin Allen
  • Rob Armour
  • Gabe Baldwin
  • Katy Creath
  • Jill Dale
  • Owen B. Evans, MD
  • Lindsay Hamm
  • Joey Havens
  • Bill Hulsey
  • Bethany Johnson
  • Bruce Leach
  • Katherine McRae
  • Fidelis Malembeka
  • Melanie Morgan
  • Scott Overby
  • Sara Ray
  • John Scarbrough
  • Josh Swain
  • Suzan Thames-Honorary Chairman
  • William VanDevender, Jr.
  • Brenda Hayes-Williams

Melanie  Morgan-Chairman

John Scarbrough-Treasurer  

Lindsay Hamm- Chair of Audit Committee

Kristin Allen

Katy Creath

  • Guy Giesecke
  • Rebecca Harrison
  • Jennifer Hospodor
  • Susan Shands Jones
  • Mary Taylor, MD
  • Tena McKenzie – Executive Director
  • Erica Bradshaw-Development Manager
  • Leslie Owens – Special Events Manager
  • Teresa Matthews-Business Manager